Riverview At-a-Glance
February 2010
Chris Scudella, Principal
Tracy Coenen, Assistant Principal
Office Phone: 892-4353
Attendance Phone: 892-4353 option #2
School Closing/Delays: 892-4353 option #4 (Also available on our website)
Office Hours: Mon.– Fri.7:00 A.M.–3:45 P.M. School hours: 7:30 A.M. – 2:35 P.M.
Website: www.plymouth.k12.wi.us
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Notes from the Principal’s Desk:
Wiki for Riverview Middle School
The wiki is up and running!!! Based on the number of “hits” both the Riverview website and the wiki has had many of you are utilizing this communication tool. Additionally, we believe that the effectiveness and the cost saving benefits of the wiki now out weigh the continuation of Riverview at a Glance. Therefore this will be last edition of Riverview at a Glance in hard copy. It will now only be found as a tab on the wiki. If you would like to have anything printed and sent, your son/daughter can print it off for you here or you could request a printed copy be sent home. Here is the link to our wiki: http://riverviewfamily.wikispaces.com/
Lunch Recess
All students are required to go outside after they finish eating. This is usually 5-10 minutes of great fresh air for our students to clear their heads and hopefully rejuvenate a bit. With that said, students are told to bring their coats, hats and mittens to lunch with them. They are not allowed to go back to their lockers after lunch regardless of their preparedness to go outside. Usually, one day of forgetting in the middle of a Wisconsin winter is all it takes for them to be responsible the next day!!
Parent / Teacher conferences – Mark your calendars!
We will be meeting with 7th-8th grade parents in the cafeteria for “arena style” conferences. Parents should have received a sign-up sheet in the mail that needs to be returned to homeroom teachers. Your “suggested” scheduled time will be sent home with your student. REMEMBER the times are suggested times to help spread out the number of parents coming to avoid long periods of waiting. Please feel free to spend as much as needed being respectful of other parents as well. Parents can meet with classroom teachers as well fine arts teachers. 5th and 6th grade parents will meet with their student’s homeroom teacher in their classrooms. Conferences will be held on February 9th 3:30-7:00 and February 11th from 4:00 to 6:00.
8th Grade Transition
We are hoping that all the time spent on conducting the 8th grade PEP talks will be easing the transition anxiety for our 8th graders going to PHS next year. Friday, January 29, 2010 students were given registration materials to take home. In addition students viewed two videos put together by PHS students to help with the registration process. These videos have been added to the wiki under the “8th grade transition” tab. Here is the link to our wiki: http://riverviewfamily.wikispaces.com/ . There is also a Freshman Orientation at PHS on Monday, Feb. 1st at PHS in the auditorium for both parents and students at 6:30 pm. Registration materials are due back to homeroom teachers on Feb. 8th.
As always, please feel free to call or come to see me at anytime. Thanks again for support of Riverview Middle School!!
Chris Scudella
Pegasus News
Eighth Grade Past and Present Pegasus Students have the opportunity to sign up to participate in the Amschools Challenge on 2/23/2010. Students will take an online assessment of typical things an eighth grader should know. Students are then scored and compared to others across the nation. A few weeks after participating, students will receive their scores! This is a great chance for kids to challenge themselves! Feel free to go to www.amschoolchallenge.com to check out the rules. Only two spaces open! Contact Mrs. Barrington if you are interested.
Pegasus students in grades 2-6 have the opportunity to participate in A Wizard’s Weekend hosted at UW Sheboygan. Students can take part in Herbology 201, Transfiguration in Theater, Charms and Potions Elementastic Style, and Nonwizard Studies. This takes place on Match 10, 2010 from 9:00-12:00. Students were given information from their Pegasus teacher. For more information, go to www.sheboygan.uwc.edu.
Pegasus students grades K-12 have the opportunity to participate in a chess tournament on February 13, 2010. The tournament takes place at Thomas Jefferson Middle School in Port Washington. The cost is $10 per entry. For more information, please see Mrs. Barrington.
Pegasus Students of all ages have the opportunity to participate in the Marquette Engineering Outreach program. These take place from January to April. There are many courses to choose from. The cost ranges from $60-$150 depending on the course. Please see Mrs. Barrington for more information.
Spelling Bee News
Congratulations to Abigail Bennin, the winner of our school spelling bee! Our runner up was Bekah Hankins. Abigail will continue on to the Regional Spelling Bee which takes place at Acuity Insurance in Sheboygan on February 9, 2010. Nice work ladies!
Box Tops and Soup Labels
Please continue to save those Box Tops for Education and the Campbell’s Soup labels and send them to school as we use them to purchase much needed items for our building!
Permanent Artwork Contest

All 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade Riverview Middle School students are encouraged to enter one 2-D piece of artwork into the Riverview Middle School Permanent Artwork Contest. Entries need to be turned in to Mr. Larsen in the art room before the contest deadline of Friday, May 7th. Student's artwork must be made within the last school year, made at school, or outside of school by the student. One winner will be selected from each grade level and will be added to the permanent artwork collection of the school. The remaining artwork will be returned to the students.

The Riverview Middle School Permanent Artwork Contest has recognized excellent student made art since 2001. Winning artwork is currently on display in the library and main office.
Riverview trip to Sunburst postponed due to wind chill factors.
The Riverview trip to Sunburst has been postponed until Thursday February 4, 2010. Students, who would still like to go, may leave their money with Mrs. Hanlon, but need to fill out a new permission slip. Students, who are unable to make this trip, may pick up their money from Mrs. Hanlon, Rm. 202. Tubers – there is no need to fill out another release form, just a new permission slip. The new slips are available for download on the school wiki, were emailed to you as an attachment, or they are available at school in the office and Room 202 and Room 208. Permission slip and money are due by Monday, Feb. 1.
Student Council News
Dance Chaperones : We are going to try something new to recruit chaperones for our school dances/lock-ins. We will not make calls but ask that you contact us via email dcounsel@plymouth.k12.wi.us or phone (920-892-4353 Ext: 2208) to let us know that you would like to chaperone.
  • Why do we need so many chaperones? We feel that it is important that we provide a safe environment for all students attending. We offer students access to several places in our building and can only do this if we have adults to maintain good visibility of all those places.
  • Why should you chaperone? This is a great way for you to observe your child and their peers in a social setting, get to know some of their friends and get to know other parents.
  • AND we have decided to add another bonus … (I know the chocolate has always been enticing)…. All chaperones at each event will have their names placed in a raffle to win two tickets to the movies or a gas gift card! Contact me today to volunteer to chaperone for the February 19th dance or the March 6th fifth/sixth grade lock-in. Please feel free to be at both events!
Upcoming Student Council Volunteer Opportunities:
TEAMS: Go Green Team: Meet every Monday after school – 2:35-3:30PM. This team is the organizational team for all of our school recycling projects….aluminum cans, Terra Cycle, paper, plastic, etc. Join this team and make a difference!
January 22 Dance Team: Open to 6th, 7th and 8th graders…planning in morning homeroom.
EVENTS Needed: We need student council members to sell valentine suckers during lunch. You will get your lunch and bring it to the sales table at lunch and assist the adults as valentine suckers are being ordered for the February 11 delivery.
Student Council Members!!!! New ruling goes into effect this year!!!! Please bring all events permission slips back and place them in the box on the Student Council Office table. Students that do not bring permission slips will rarely be allowed to go on an event. Sign up today for the following events:
Tuesday, Feb. 2- 2:15-3:45-PCC "Punxy" Bingo (for Groundhog Day) Thursday, Feb. 4-6:15-8:15-SR Shut box Night Friday, Feb. 5-2:15-3:45-PCC Wii Sports Tuesday, Feb. 16-1:45-3:15-PCC Birthday/Mardi Gras Party Friday, Feb. 19-8:45-11:15-SR Voucher Market Friday, Feb. 19-2:15-3:45-PCC Bingo Friday, Feb. 26-2:15-3:45-PCC Bingo Thursday, Mar. 4-6:15-8:15-SR Shut box Night Friday, Mar. 19-8:45-11:15-SR Voucher Market Thursday, Mar. 25-6:15-8:15-SR Bunco Thursday, April 1-2:15-4:15-SR Egg Dying Thursday, April 8-6:15-8:15-SR Shut box Night Friday, April 30-8:45-11:15-SR Voucher Market
School Store Workers: New schedules posted in school store and outside Room 208.
Please call to assist with any of the Student Council activities. Please call Becky Matz to volunteer at 893-4920.
School Store – Want to help? – Call Tina Ernst – 526-3404
Dance Chaperones: Want to help? Call: 920-892-4353 EXT 2208 or email: dcounsel@plymouth.k12.wi.us
Valentine Sucker Sales: Begin on February 1. We will be selling suckers for our students to buy for friends here at Riverview. The valentine sucker sale will last from February 1-10. Valentine suckers will be delivered on the February 11 before the weekend of Valentine’s Day. Cost of the suckers will be $.50. Make time to buy one for yourself or a friend or two.
Paper Bags: Needed – paper grocery bags – please bring to the Student Council Office or Mrs. Counselman’s room.
Lunch Meetings: General Membership Meetings will be held during lunch here at RV rather than evenings in the months of February and March. Students will receive passes via their morning homerooms and hear about the meetings on announcements. Students will earn 2 credits for attending this meeting.
Student Council Dates: Dances – Grade 6-8 - 6-9PM February 19 June 4 Middle School Lock-ins-Grades5&6 March 6 Fourth Grade Transition Lock-ins April 23 May14 Dells Trip – June 5 Volunteer/Parent Thank You Dinner – May 19
*Please note the underlined dates that have been changed since the earlier Student Council communication.


Tuesday, February 2
Girl’s Basketball vs Manitowoc Wilson
8th away
7th home

Music Boosters Meeting Band room
Wednesday, February 3
5th Grade to Milwaukee Symphony
Bus leaves 9:00 AM
Thursday, February 4
Girl’s Basketball vs Sheboygan Falls
8th home
7th away

Tuesday, February 9
Arena Style P/T Conferences

3:15 – 7:15 PM
Thursday, February 11
Arena Style P/T Conferences

4:00 – 6:00PM

Girl’s Basketball vs Manitowoc Washington
8th home
7th away

Friday, February 12

Tuesday, February 15
Choral Concert
7:00 P.M.
Thursday, February 16
Girl’s Basketball vs Kiel
8th home
7th away

Tuesday, February 17
Early Release
11:30 AM
Thursday, February 18
Wrestling vs Kiel
Friday, February 19
Student Council Sock Hop
6th, 7th, 8th Grades

6:00 – 9:00PM
Tuesday, February 23
Wrestling vs Manitowoc

Music Boosters Chili Medley

4:30 – 6:30PM
Monday, February 25
Band Concert
7:00 P.M.