Notes from the Principal:

Regular School Day
Just a reminder of our school day start and end times. School starts at 7:30 am and ends at 2:35 pm. The front doors (Main Entrance) will be open at 6:00 am, students may enter the building and remain in the gym lobby. Students will be allowed to go to their classrooms at 7:15 am. If your child has to take care of business in the office (ie: pay for lunch, turn in notes from home) they may enter the office after 7:00 am.

If your child is going to be absence due to illness please call 892-4353 and press option #2 and leave a message. This is automated for your convenience. If your child needs to be pre-excused for an upcoming absence/ appointment please send a note with your child and have them bring the note to the office before school.
Traffic Pattern for dropping off and picking up students
Please remember that dropping off or picking up children can simply not happen both quickly and SAFELY. My concern is the SAFETY of children. It is very important to drop off your child along the sidewalk and park along the sidewalk when picking up your child. It is extremely dangerous to allow your child to walk between cars or walk through the traffic. The flow of traffic will remain steady if cars avoid doubling up – please stay in a single line exiting through the circle.
Students should ONLY be dropped off/picked up in the front of the building. The back doors will be locked at all times. The back parking lot is for staff members and deliveries only. Thank you for your cooperation!!

Shuttle Bus
With the new bussing policies that went into effect this school year, the shuttle busses have been eliminated. This includes the after school busses to the high school. Due to the fact we have reduced the number of bus routes we no longer can accommodate all requests to be shuttled from Riverview to the high school after school. Since we cannot accommodate all, the policy is that no child will be shuttled from the middle school to the high school if they do not receive bussing under the new (2 mile) policy.

I am looking forward to working with all the parents of Riverview over the next year ~ please feel free to call or come to see me at anytime. Thanks again for support of Riverview Middle School!!