40 Developmental Assets

All students have assets and here at Riverview we will be working in partnership with the Family Resource Center, The United Way and YMCA to promote these assets. Each month we will be focusing on an asset of the month. Teachers will be doing activities with the students that help promote these assets. Also students will be recognized each month for displaying the characteristics of the asset of the month. On this page you will find the asset for each month as well as information you as a parent can do to promote these assets.

Healthy Community/ Healthy Youth Initiative
Featuring the 40 Developmental Assets
The United Way’s 2007 Needs Assessment and the Youth Risk Behavior Survey conducted by every 7th, 9th, and 11th grade student at each school in Sheboygan County found that unusually high rates of youth in our communities do not feel valued in addition to high rates of alcohol and other drug abuse and suicide. In response to this startling information, the Family Resource Center of Sheboygan County and the Sheboygan YMCA, supported by the United Way, are leading a countywide initiative that highlights positive youth development. This effort will be titled the Healthy Community Healthy Youth Initiative and will utilize the 40 Developmental Assets Framework which identifies building blocks of healthy youth development that help youth grow up to be productive, caring, and responsible. Our goal is to instill this framework throughout the entire community so as to intentionally communicate consistent positive messages to all youth. With the framework in place, every child will have the means to form the relationships and receive the guidance he or she needs to become a successful adult.

  • This Impact Initiative stresses positive youth development and the strengthening of families. By positive youth development, we aim to focus on our youths’ strengths, accomplishments, and achievement rather than deficiencies.
  • The framework of the initiative called the 40 Developmental Assets is a strength-based, proactive approach to positive youth development that builds a foundation of internal and external assets, or sources of strength, through relationships with adults to show youth that adults in the community care and value them.
  • The 40 Developmental Asset Framework is an evidence-based strategy that targets all youth from infants to seniors in high school and promotes a common language throughout the school, community, and county to deliver a consistent, positive message to all our youth.
  • The 40 Developmental Asset Framework is not a program with a curriculum; but rather a community-based philosophy in which all adults in the community take on the role of modeling and mentoring youth. These relationships provide youth guidance and expectations to help them make good decisions and provide support which helps them to feel valued and empowered.
The Family Resource Center and the YMCA will provide informational presentations and training pertaining to the 40 Developmental Asset framework to any organization, agency, school, business, etc., free of charge. For more information, contact Erik Wagner at (920) 892-6706 or email him at ewagner@frc-sc.org or Mike Burns at (920) 451-8000 or email him at ysports@sheboygancountyymca.org.